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Marvelous Mackinac (Part 2)

August 13, 2018

So! You've read about our heroic escape from the Mackinac Island Maniac in Part 1! I still can't believe we used all that fudge to get the Maniac to fall into our trap! I will say though, making LeeAnna and I Island Heroes of the year and creating that plaque for us is still something I'm going to put on my resume. 


But you've heard about that story, THIS part will be about our other adventures! Nothing too long, but just some other fun things that are worth mentioning because it was fun and because I can. So there. 


When we began to plan all of this, we went right to Trip Advisor. The number one rated hotel in Mackinaw City was The Clearwater Lakeshore Motel. We ended up trusting the Internet, and they couldn't have been more right. The motel was such a delight! We sprung for a lake view, and could not have been more pleased. We had a perfect shot of the Mackinac Bridge and the island itself!


The staff was friendly, the room, though a bit dated, was clean and enjoyable AND they make bonfires each night for everyone to enjoy (more on that later).


So once we were all checked-in, we moseyed into the downtown area of Mackinac City. My family and I went here when I was younger, and maybe I was so mesmerized by all the shops and trinkets when I was younger that I didn't realize that the downtown Mackinac City isn't that spectacular. NOW, you could certainly make an argument that because I live in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world that I'm jaded. You could most definitely be right. However, I was a little let down by the downtown area. BUT, we did find a great wine shop where I bought a bottle and it delicious indeed. 


AFTER we had completed our city exploration, we had some time to kill and decided to make the trek across the Mackinaw Bridge! One of the coolest things about the bridge, in my opinion, is they have a radio station you can turn to and it tells you all the facts about the bridge! It's really neat! The bridge is only 28 feet short of five miles! (That's the only fact I can remember) But we were tuned in the entire ride across, and like I mentioned in the first post, we could not have better weather. 




















As you can see above, I was very excited about making the trek across the bridge. And once we made it across, we found a park that gave us some amazing views of the bridge and everything across the water. We sat there for a bit and took it all in, and were then joined by a gentleman and his dog who told us all about living in the Upper Peninsula and it was just delightful. 






That night, we headed out to the beach outside the hotel to grab some chairs and warm up by the bonfires. We really must have lucked out because there weren't a lot of people cramming around the fires so we got one all to ourselves (we're only children and admit that we don't share that easily). We were then greeted by a gentleman that came by to stoke the fire and offer us FREE SMORES KITS! IT WAS GREAT! Each bag, as seen to the right, had gram crackers, marshmallows and a whole Hershey's bar! It was something really small, but went a long way with both of us. We sat there and munched our on our smores, and watched the sun get lower, and lower in the sky. It was the perfect way to end the day, and as you'll see by the pictures, the views were just as good. 

























And remember, adventure is always out there! 















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