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Our First Adventure

September 6, 2018

It was a beautiful September afternoon in sunny Florida.  A handsome fella knocked on my door for what would be the first of many exciting adventures!  Before we could be on our way, Bongo had to meet Nick and give his blessing.  Lucky for me it was love at first sight as Bongo gave his licks of approval along with many tippy taps and zoomies. 


With that milestone out of the way, we hopped in the car and headed to Lakeridge Winery in Clermont, Florida!  (An interesting first date choice as Nick and I had been friends for a year or two and I am certain I said on more than one occasion that I don’t care for wine.)  After a tour of the winery grounds and a comprehensive tasting, turns out wine is quite tasty.  We bought a bottle of Sunblush and headed off to a surprise lunch spot. 


Nick was fully prepared with a picnic basket full of fancy cheese, crackers and wine glasses for us to enjoy a wonderful meal by the water at Lake Louisa State Park.  Another first for me was our lunch- Wawa!  No, it’s not baby talk, it’s a popular southern gas station.  But why do people eat lunch from a gas station?  Because they are brilliant, it’s delicious!  Fresh, made to order sandwiches!  Anywho, we chatted the afternoon away, devouring our lunch and sipping some sweet Florida wine.  The only picture from this entire adventure is of Nick sharing his Wawa cookie with a friendly squirrel who came to say hello! 


After cleaning up our picnic space and saying goodbye to Mister Squirrel, we attempted to head home.  “I know the way!” said the brilliant girl riding shotgun.  She did not know the way… After countless circles down rural Clermont streets and much dejavu, technology led us back home to Bongo.  Despite my embarrassing directional conundrum on that first adventure, many dates followed and Nick has continued to let me be the navigator.



Remember: Adventure is always out there!

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