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The Kaleidoscope of Key West (Part 2)

March 31, 2019

Since I started our last two-part post (read about our adventures in Mackinaw!) about some joke about vanquishing a monster or something, I really can't use that same bit again. A shame, I know. BUT if you did happen upon this post without reading the first, thank you for reading! But go back and read the first part. Nobody likes a reader who starts at the back of the book. And I know you're not one of those people, dear read. You're better than that. 


Anyway, we left off at our second night as we meandered around Duval street bar hopping! I can't recommend Captain Tony's enough though. Everyone has their special haunt, and I'm sure folks will tell you to go here, and there. But save time, and just go to Captain Tony's first. You'll thank me. Hopefully. 


We made it back and the next morning, I was up quite early to go for a sunrise run. And it was my birthday! Yahoo! I had a really great run, and got to experience Duval Street without anyone traversing it, and it was fantastic. I also captured these great shots of a Disney ship in port, and of the sun rising and I knew it was going to be a great day. 




























And it was! I made it back to our room, showered up and we made our way to this fantastic little breakfast spot. It was called Sarabeths and it was just the most quaint place, with delicious eggs and savory coffee. Once our bellies were full, we headed to a local scooter rental to give one of the scooters a try. I had never ridden one before and to be honest, was a bit

 nervous. Once we were on our own, I didn't make a turn for the first ten minutes and kept going straight until we hit the water. Not literally, that would have been troublesome. But once I got a feel for the scooter, we had such a great time!
































During our ride, I was wearing my GoPro and got some fun footage! (And maybe one day I'll learn how to upload everything, but today is not the day.) We rode around the key for about three hours, and took our time going through the residential streets. Most, if not all, of the houses were the quintessential Key West houses. Pastel colors, palm tree out front

 and just perfectly quaint. I was almost tempted to go back and rent the bike for even more, but we had another adventure: Key West Urban Adventure Quest! 


Much like the other quests we've been on, this one was full of puzzles, fun facts about the city and lots of re-reading the questions and getting mad at the GPS. There were a couple questions we lost some time on because we were probably looking TOO much into the monuments, but it was still a fun time. I will admit, I was too quick when answering a question and ended up getting it wrong, so all answering went to LeeAnna from then on. It also didn't help when we had to visit Captain Tony's and a question was asked about who was pictured on the sign out front. We were debating which option and figured we would ask one of the bartenders, because you know, they work there. Well, HE GAVE US THE WRONG ANSWER. I was pretty annoyed. BUT we had a great time and ended up placing in the top ten! 


Afterwards, and probably should have done this before, we went to the Key West Historical Museum! It was full of local art, and some fascinating exhibits. Lots of plaques talking about Hemmingway and his contributions, and a fifty-drawing depiction of "Old Man and the Sea" all with ballpoint pen. That exhibit winded up three staircases and was incredibly detailed. We both spent a lot of time looking at the railway section of the museum, as it went into detail about how Henry Flagler really helped create the tourism industry of Key West. (He certainly helped, but there were many other factors besides his railway that made Key West what is was. Fascinating history, Key West.)


Once our brains were so full of knowledge, we headed back to our hotel to shower up and get ready for a birthday dinner! We ended up at this taco bar, and was delicious to the last bite. Much like the previous night, we bar hopped throughout the city, taking in the guitar humming out of each and every bar. There was this one bar, which we nicknamed the Unicorn Bar, and it was literally a hole in the wall, complete with five barstools. We were there for a while, chatting with the bartender and some other folks, and it was a great way to begin the evening. However, we ended up at Captain Tony's where I smoked a cigar and enjoyed our last night in this Conch City. 



We awoke sleepy, and sad to leave, but leave we had to. We wish to return to Key West sooner rather than later, as our adventures are never finished. 



Adventure is always out there!






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